Chasing Euphoria

Maria Emma Ross | NJ | Conway ∞

- i'm young & at times care less. i'm a true basket case. i'm not easily intimidated. i live for good times with good friends. winter excites me. i've learned to love myself. i've grown impatient with things i was once patient with. driven. travel channel & food network. i love children. my taste in music is a variety of different genres. i talk a lot. i'm in no hurry to grow up. i value tradition but i aspire for change. Early childhood special education major.

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you couldn’t understand being on the outside looking in.


"Haha! Americans don’t have free healthcare!"

Yeah it’s actually a serious problem people are literally dying can this stop being a silly nationalistic insult?


'i'll just have one more scoop'




this is a box of jolly rancher scented wax cubes. however, at first glance, they might just look like a box of weird jolly ranchers. imagine that you are a small child and you just have just gotten home from school. you see these on the table and jolly ranchers are your favorite candy so youre like fuck yeah and so you eat one only to be struck with horror as the seeming innocent candy is not candy at all, but in fact, wax.

Did you eat a wax cube


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